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One of the very best Auto-Harps that they make!  Buy it from Mantova's NOW!





(SOLD) Great opportunity to pickup an Eastman Jazz Elite Guitar 







(SOLD!)A somewhat rare 5-string Alvarez Bass Guitar!


(SOLD!) A 1993 Gibson ES-135 on Consignment!





(SOLD!) A Fender custom shop strat with birds-eye maple neck!!!



(SOLD!) While not a used guitar, this 1960's Italian-made Mini Organ is really cool, and would add a neat dynamic to any studio (SOLD!)



(SOLD! All three of the Mesa Cabs pictured below have Sold!)






(SOLD!) We always have used gear that's worth a second look!  Like this 1945 00-17 Martin Guitar!  SOLD!

1945 00-17 Martin Guitar

1945 Martin | Mantova's Two Street Music | Buy Now 707 445-3155


Used Gear would not be possible without trade.  Mantova's Two Street Music encourages you to trade in your used instruments!  Check out this video on how trade works!

Trade-In Values, Explained

How to Trade-in Your Musical Instrument | Mantova's Two Street Music | Buy Used Gear Now

Rarely Seen Harmony Flying V
Historical 1945 00-17 Martin Guitar
Historical late '70s Ibanez
High End guitars
Kurt Cobain Inspired
Vintage Martin is worth $3000
Fisher Tele's are well known in Humboldt County
Paul Reed Smith Used 20th Anniversary
Gibson Nighthawks are a great compromise between Les Paul playability and Lightweight
Gibson Nighthawks are a great compromise between Les Paul playability and Lightweight
A signed Joe Satriani JS-140 Ibanez White electric guitar. Mint Condition at Mantova's in Eureka, CA
Weeping Willow is based in New Jersey and specializes in using willow wood
Gibson L-5 is an ultimate jazz or country guitar is in stock at Mantova's Two Street Music
The P. Crump Guitars are rare treasures and very hard to find.
This 1961 Gretsch Country Club is in mint condition
1980s Ibanez Basses are highly collectible and not super spendy
Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Guitar with Birds-Eye Maple Neck